Monday, February 27, 2012

One Year is more than enough for me

All may bags are packed I am ready to go , I'm standing here outside your door ,,, La La La

Tomorrow I will be leaving Korea after one year living in South Korea for employment at GS E & C, and in about hours from now as I am writing my post the Internet connection will be terminated as I had cut the contract of Local Internet here -one thing that I will be missing about Korea besides its Transportation system- so here I am updating my blog for the last time in Korea

I decided not to renew my contract here because of my personal reason and I personally feel I might be better if I work in my country. I always feel grateful despite all that happened in here, in Korea it's the first time I work as an expat, the first time I experience snow season, I learn how to survive in cold winter, I learn how to be minority that have to face cold Korean who stare like I am a total Alien and stranger in Subway and in public places, but from that I learn how to become stronger person. How I live alone in here in a place that I don't even know how to express what I want as we speak different language but I survive.

Despite all that happened, I always feel grateful of what I had , this will be an unforgettable memories in my live. Thanks Korea, thanks GS.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Testing my luck

It's blogging time again :D
I finally have my own time to blog again, only this time I post blog in different part of the globe, that's right I am trying my luck in working overseas, being an expat at an Engineering Company in South Korea exactly

After all the hardships sending resumes all over the places, I finally manage to hook quite a big fish. I did hope to get a new job but I never thought I would be working overseas, I know that someday I will surely work overseas but not at this age. However I shouldn’t be so happy about that as my employment is only for one year and I have to prepare myself mentally for being unemployed if I don’t get employment extension

I remember it was my birthday when I had interview for this job, it could be the best birthday gift or the worst birthday gift ever, not to mention I had to make the decision and sign the contract at the same day. What a drastic change in my life with my birthday as the milestone

My first impression about this place is the change in weather. Moving from two-season country to four-season country is a new experience for me, a new place with a vastly different weather and climate. All I know the temperature will be hotter in the summer and extremely colder in the winter than that of Jakarta and when I arrived here it wasn’t very cold back then as it was almost in spring season already. I guess I can stand hot summer but I am not sure about winter how cold it is going to be.

Whenever I think about moving here again, the main reason I come here is simply about money and professional experience. I hope to gain new qualification and professional skill to enhance my CV by working here and to earn money while at the same time to travel the world and to improve communication and language skills. Of all things, the most comfortable place to work is still in my own country however the conditions are ever going to be. It rains gold in other country while it rains stone in own country , it’s still better in own country.

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Sayonara Mina - JGC Story

Dear All,

As some of you may know today is my last working day at PT.JGC Indonesia.
After this I will start a new chapter of my life at another company. It
wasn't an easy decision to make because this company has done a lot for me.
I remember the first time I joined this company, I never really thought
about leaving this company, never really wanted to think about it. The only
thing I had in mind was doing my best

However, I guess it is time for me to go, I believe that employee turnover
at a company is a common thing, employees come and go, but what's important
is to maintain good colleague relationship, basicly "not to burn the

I would like to thank you for all the support during my time here, please
accept my apologies for any inconvenience I might have caused. It has been
a great pleasure working with you all

I hope we can stay in touch, I can be reached at my info : or (Skype, YM , LinkedIn, Twitter)

Thanks again for everything

Best Regards,
Hermansyah - Mechanical
Ext. 70355

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tweet Tweet

There is a specific reason why I haven't been blogging for quite a long time and that's because of twitter. I guess I have to take back my own words about not giving it a try, the fact is I have been tweeting quite often lately

Maybe it's because I didn't really know how to tweet or the fun in it back then. The first time I opened an account I just tweet (updated my status) and that's it, after several updates I didn't see any good would come of it so I just stopped and made a bad conclusion without I really knew it. I didn't even know ReTweet (RT) back then, I admit I was wrong, my bad.

ReTweet in twitter is kind of like forward in email, if you come across a nice tweet and you feel it is important enough to be shared with your entire followers than you ReTweet it. ReTweet has an important role in spreading information, remember the case of raunchy video by Indonesian public figures which spread quickly over BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and twitter, and also Support to Indonesian Football Team in AFF cup which became Trending Topic in Twitter

However when it comes to twittering I have my own principle , and here it is

" Twittering is not about how many people following you or you follow, but it is about finding the right people to follow and sincere following you "

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not to burn the bridge

I need something big to start blogging again, something huge to start kicking my blog again after a while, something as huge enough to wake me up from long gap and sleep as shocking news about my manager who resigned from my current company. Of all people in my department he was the only person I never thought he would resign, or the last person in my mind who would eventually leave the company. Never underestimate a quiet person, for he may have something that makes you open-mouthed, he is that kind of person I guess, he had been working diligently for more than a decade and uncomplainingly accepted any decisions the company made for him until at a point he finally blew up and decided to leave the company, I guess it is something like that.

Still on the subject I have almost forgotten what it's like to talk to my boss face to face, to utter the word while looking deep into his eyes, to feel the anxiety of knowing whether or not he's going to accept it. It's really a mixed emotion but thrilling on my part. I just turned it in

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Without Tonight

If I had a wish to skip one day this year, I would skip 25th July 2010, which is tonight. I don't know what is going to happen then. I wish I could do that but I just can't. I just have to

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TB Simatupang Era

It's been a while since my last post. Just a few weeks ago I moved into my new office building at TB Simatupang, thus makes the era of JIND at Mampang is over, now begins a new era at TB simatupang. The building is not 10-story like what I said in my previous blog post, but it's 12-story building and Multifunction (sports) hall on the top.

Actually I was hoping that it would be cubicle, or any work space with wall separating one desk from another , only small would do, but I guess that's impossible considering Japanese work culture of my company that requires more sharing space among employees. Japanese people don't like cubicle because they can't have discussion any time they want on their chairs, my manager told me that once about Japanese style. Actually I am not asking too much here , it's just that sometimes I a little envy my friends working for the another EPC contractor companies and they have very nice cubicle work space that they can even plug headset and hear the music while working. That makes me a little wonder if I could do something like that in my new office building and I will make sure that I will do my work effectively and more importantly "with the least stress and frustration". That's just my wish haha.

The new building gives me more advantages such as faster travel time (around 10 minutes faster), more healthy environment (Sports Hall, futsal, badminton, basketball), better Air Conditioner, and many more things that I feel have put me at ease. The only disadvantage in here is food, I miss the diversity of food at Mampang, I miss Alfa Mart , I miss Ayam Penyet, I miss Majestik, I miss easiness to go to the ATM. hik hik :(

However new building also doesn't mean good thing for everyone. The new building has made several employees in my company lose their job, at least 2 OB and 13 security guys lost their job. Even though it is to cut overhead cost of the company by hiring MPS service how could they sack their employees just like that, these guys had been working for company for years. They are still human who have children, have school fee to pay, have house payment. I hate heartless Managers who don't do anything when their people are in trouble. I don't how they can live with themselves while the rest are suffering.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Office Building

My current office building is located in Mampang Prapatan, A four-story building with very limited parking stalls, employee like me would have to wait for another ten years to get my own parking space perhaps , even some of my friends who have been working there for quite a long time have to park their cars outside the building because of the limited space and company’s policies that allow only higher positions could park their cars inside the building. Every morning, traffic jams are something unavoidable when we want to enter the building area, making it worse, the electricity distribution is always disrupted almost everyday and making the office like a big oven because the central AC doesn’t work.

My company is a subsidiary of Parent Company in Japan (JGC Corp). The parent company has been planning to expand their business in Indonesia by increasing Man Power of my company by 1000 employees, that’s what I heard. Meanwhile the capacity of the building at Mampang is only enough for about 500 employees perhaps, so the only solution is either renting a building or constructing its own building, but the latter seems to be the choice.

Now the building is finally complete and ready to be occupied. It is located at TB Simatubang , in front of Citos (Cilandak Town Square), it is getting closer to my house now haha. Even though for several months the construction project had been abandoned (the incomplete construction created “JGC swamp” and it had been a mockery for my friend whose office near the location) because of financial crisis but now the building is totally complete. It is a ten-story building with a sport hall on the very top of the building , I can enjoy playing futsal now. I have seen the pictures of the sport hall and it looks very nice. Something still questionable is about having lunch , I still don’t know whether it is easy or not to find restaurants nearby.

I am so looking forward to moving to this new buidling , however at the same time if I have a job offering from another company that offers me better salary , I would leave my current company for sure. I don’t care about this new buidling. I thought that I would never have a chance to occupy the new office building as I thought I would have worked in another company , but I was wrong, getting another job is not something easy to find now in current economy.

Here are the pics of my new building I got from the friend of mine

Click Here to see the pics --> :

JGC> :

JGC> :

JGC> :

JGC> :

JGC> :

JGC> :

Lobby> :

Lobby> :

Office Room> :

Toilet> :

Sport Hall> :

Sport Hall> :

Sport Hall> :

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keep On Rocking

I have been trying to sell all my guitars along with the amplifier and the guitar effect since a few weeks ago. But I can’t seem to find anyone interested, I mean serious buyer. I have shown my friends all my collections in hope they might be interested to buy one of my collections, but I guess they aren’t interested even though they said pretty cheap the price I gave them. I listed on FJB kaskus , I also uploaded the pictures on facebook but I still couldn’t find the right buyer. Maybe it’s because people playing guitar are not that many, especially electric guitar.

Some people tried to approach and made the bid but the price offered was way too much low for me to take off my collections, less than 30% of original price, so I rejected the bid, too Afgan (kaskuser mode ON) haha. Now I am sick of waiting the right buyer, I change my mind and I am not going to sell my guitars, I am going to keep them . It’s better for me to keep playing them, keep rocking and make some good music.
As for me I am not that kind of stage guitarist , I play guitar only in my room. I play only for my own pleasure

And here is another silly cover from me : Herman Miraz - I am yours (minuman kaleee)
Enjoy it, I hope you’ll like it

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